A hopeless hero in search of beauty in vanity


In 2019, Hungary commemorated 100 years of the Trianon Treaty to mourn the land of missed opportunities. This series was made based on the poem “A Magyar Ugaron” - Ady Endre, a poem which Hungarians would know by heart, it was meant to be made through photography and for me to understand Hungarian culture more deeply. In the poem, Ugar is the symbol of Hungary. “This Ugar is full of weeds and horns, destroying the beauty and the good”. Trees and woods are one of the basic elements in the planet earth, the landscape of Ugar blended into broken trees to represent an exasperatingly barren reality in contrast, in which frustration and hopelessness can be found simultaneously. The curvy branches stand for fluctuate emotions that appeared in different verses of the poem. In the end, the tragedy remains the same, broken trees never grow back.

exhibition at MOME ground (photo provided by MOME Photography)